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OZB MEGABOL since 2010 has been realizing production orders for external brands by developing typical and innovative recipes, along with the design and implementation of a full production cycle.

In terms of development and technology, we are distinguished by 25 years of experience and ongoing cooperation with Polish scientific units. We also undertake projects that require implementations that are not yet included in sports supplementation.

We are characterized by experience and international cooperation, that allow us the use of practically all acceptable raw materials and even not typical components (some of the substances are obtained especially for our clients in our own processes of breeding and extraction).

We are responsible for the quality of production, therefore we do not accept production orders from raw materials delivered by the client, but we can accept labels and packaging from the customer, or offer our service based on the received projects.
Thanks to operations abroad, we have facilities that enable us effective and efficient first registration of the product to the sanitary authorities on the European Market.

We offer our contractors premises in the area of the Canary Islands Autonomy, to discuss the possibilities and scope of implementations and even trials among selected athletes. Two own facilities of various sizes located near the Atlantic coast (Tenerife), away from hotels will allow accommodation of even a large group. Many people from the world of sports have been hosted here and we look forward for contractors who prefer personal contact with the Director. We enable comfortable conditions for discussing the broadly understood development of implementation projects, including the implementation of total innovations and running a business in the local special ZEC economic zone with a 4% income tax.


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