Raw materials offer

Megabol - The Biotechnological Implementations Center - is executing program which concerns solicitation of innovation on raw materials used in sports supplementation. We benefit from the studies works of two scientists who cooperate with us – Dr. Petr Fort and Dr. Henryk Różański.
We join modern raw materials – which effectiveness is verified by practice observation - onto offer for supplement manufacturers.


It is a liquid extract on an oil base, gained from a proper vegetable fractions of Sa-po nariae fluidum, Nigellae fluidum, Capsici fluidum, Trigonellae fluidum, Myristicae -liqu idum, Glycyrrhizae siccum obtain in a special process created by Dr. Rózanski. This extract contains: steroid saponins- 200 mg, phytosterols- 66 mg, steroid alkaloids- 0,25 mg. This extract is suitable for use with soft gelatin capsules because it doesn't contain water.
Thick and oily brown liquid characterized by intensive and specific taste and smell.

Suggested daily dose for sportsman - 600 mg.
Packaging – an airtight containers (50 or 60 litres).


We were the manufacturer to introduce the use of etracen in supplements for athletes (patent pending). We supply the substance in bulk form solely as part of license agreement realization. See more: www.etracen.com

Powdered extract which contains 90% of vegetable sterols with addition of rosae and pruni cum inulini extracts. This raw material is suitable for filling hard capsules. When binding substances are added it's suitable for making the tablets too. On account of neutral taste, it can be used as an addition to powder (loose) nutrients and other food products.

Fine, dry powder with a cream colour, neutral smell and characteristic mild taste. Suggested daily dose for sportsman - 250 mg.
Packaging – 25 kgs bags


Starch derived from rice and tapioca, in a multi-stage technological process , which in-clude water extraction of seeds and thermal expanding of manioc roots. It is a source of high molecular mass polysaccharides. This raw material is a highly recommended for carbohydrate-protein products manufacturing, it is a fully soluble even in a small amount of water, doesn't cause residues and lumps, it has a neutral taste.

White, loose powder with neutral taste and smell, very well soluble in water.
After soluble: white emulsion, similar to milk, without residues and lumps.

Packaging – 25 kgs bags