Poland has had a significant impact on the development of supplements and modern pharmacology. Both vitamins (1912) and hormones (1895) have been discovered by Poles. Until the 1990s Poland did not have a distinct dietary supplement market, although athletes throughout the world have known a substance manufactured by the Polish pharmacological industry – the steroid Metanabol.

Our company is one of the first (alongside Olimp) established following the political transformation, and for 20 years has been focusing on modern forms of supplementation. Currently, three factors determine Poland’s production potential:

Favorable and relatively liberal legal conditions
Low labor and production costs
Good facilities and infrastructure with long experience in the field of herbal medicine
In our case we can also add:
Competencies linked with educational backgrounds and access to technology created in strict scientific collaboration
Chemical and physical analyses (chromatography, spectroscopy) and practical research in vivo (on live organisms as part of scientific research).