The production of supplements for athletes, especially novices, is supported with very professional advertisement. Yet it often turns out that renowned companies do not have adequate support from formal science. Supplement manufacturers are often athletes themselves, and thus nave nothing to do with biochemical education, compose formulas based on universally available publications or advertise “novel formulas”, which are a product of pure marketing. The term “our scientists” often refers to a physically active person or a food technologist (a specialist in active additives). There are only a few cases where the manufacturer collaborates with actual scientists (with formal degrees), but even then the product is only “recommended” – not elaborated with the help of science.

The MEGABOL Center for Biotechnological Implementation was created in strict cooperation with competent scientists and university departments. Our products have been created by, inter alia, Petr Fort, D.Sc., a renowned dietician, the author of over 20 books and numerous interviews for public television networks. Currently we are assisted by Henryk Różański, MD., an active biochemist and inventor, who has composed many medicines and medical formulas for various phytobiology-related fields. The Megabol Center is the only manufacturer of sports supplements that is a member of the Polish Association of Phytotherapists. We have access to research centers and can offer solutions unavailable to companies that sell universally-available substances. We are the only manufacturer to use ingredients elaborated by a competent phytobiologist. Some of our substances and supplementary methods have been introduced to the field of sports following testing on animals.

With all due responsibility we can state that our competences go beyond the possibilities of those with strictly a sports-related career.

Center for Biotechnological Implementation MEGABOL owning to its professional approach and presence in the world of science is valued by independent, public and private bodies. We are invited to participate in research projects and to the prestigious organization of the Polish Society of Herbalists and Phitotherapists.