PLASMEX Blood Amino™

PLASMEX Blood Amino is a new generation amino acid preparation. Amino acids hydrolisate achieved from plasma globin of animal blood is an active matter. Plasma globin is the last amino acid raw material, next one after hydrolisates of milk proteins (whey). 

PLASMEX Blood Amino is an ideal supplement during the time of increased forcible efforts but also during the training breaks or plans for make fat reduction. Than it is like anti-catabolic protection for expanded muscular tissue.

Amino acid composition in one serving:
Amino Acids mg
Amino Acids mg
Isoleucine* 458Alanine499
Leucine*46Aspartic Acid400
Valine*284Glutamic Acid354
Lysine* 423Glycine331

 *Essential Amino Acids

Serving contains 4083 mg of amino acids.