EXP Products

For companies interested we also offer custom manufacturing. We happen
to be the manufacturer for the brand E.X.P. - Brand / logo designed by
Inside Wichita LLC. 516 N Parkdale St. Wichita, Ks 67212, USA.

These are typical bodybuilding products inspired by American trends,
proposing a "higher quality at a lower price"


A gainer of good taste and consistency. Has more to offer than the competition,
as much as 30% of the protein is derived from 10 sources (MULTIPRO), Complex
carbohydrates VIVAX4, good fat and selected LIPOMAX amino acids in pure form


This high-quality protein supplement is based mainly on WPC. Our technologists have specially developed for this particular product and original stabilizer. Infusion's unique and recognisable features are a thick uniform texture and an excellent taste of brittle pastry with poppy seeds.



An economic version of BCAA in powder form for a multi-flavored fruit drink.
Each serving is 6000 mg BCAA supplement apart from the typical 9-OXO anabolic stimulant which is of natural origin.