Our innovative products

1997 - a substance based on glycerol, with hyper-hydrating properties. This product, manufactured in the Czech Republic, preceded by over a decade a series of American “glyco” products based on a less efficient glycol stearate.

January of 2006 - Biosterol – the first supplement for which a resource-procurement process was created (Oleosaposterol – created by Henryk Różański, MD.). The liquid extract contains new sources of saponin and is offered to supplement companies outside of Poland. This prohormone, in contrast to its foreign counterparts

October of 2006 - the creation of the first supplement combining A-AKG with HMB (Nitrox, the idea for which originates from Fort, MD.). Supplementing solely with HMB does not give expected results. Many NO-boosters rely on this combination.
September of 2009 - the first innovative amino acid supplement derived from plasma in animal blood.

January of 2011 - the first available R-WPC protein. The combination of rice proteins and whey as well as a combination of complementary substances has created a protein with parameters superior to WPC; currently the most effective for weight lifting.

2011 - introduction of entracen – the first amino acid decarboxylation inhibitor available for humans (www.entracen.pl) (H. Różański, MD.)

2012 - INH-AR – an inhibitor with 90% potential for reduction of aromatase, first available and still the only available butein supplement, the strongest substance of its kind, also with use in oncology.