Modern form – sparkling drink in dispensable sachets. Author of the formula is dr Petr Fort – worldwide authority, author of numerous scientific articles, 17 books and a TV-star in terms of nutrition. Product strongly activates and “pumps” the muscles.

One sachet (18g) contains:

- arginine (compound Alpha Ketoglutarate A-AKG) 5000 mg,
- buffered creatine monohydrate (creatine monohydrate 1300mg, NaCO3 100mg),
- creatine malate 700mg,
- taurine 2000mg,
- OH-methylbutyrate 500mg,
- malic acid 500mg,
- apple-citrus pectin 500mg,
- extract Citrus Aurantium 130mg (8% natural synephrine),
- niacine 10mg